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Autism-Spectrum Disorder Treatment Techniques

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Sensory Integration Therapy
Sensory Integration Therapy is based on the principals of Dr. Jean Ayres.  Rehabilitation focuses on increasing the body’s ability to locate, sort and direct various incoming sensations and to produce some type of organized response.  Sensory integration incorporates vestibular, tactile, auditory, and proprioceptive information according to what each individual child’s body requires to maintain a state of homeostasis for increased self-regulation.  With increased self-regulation capabilities, a child has more brain energy utilized to build social relationships and to increase function within the world.

Toilet Training
Individualized toilet training focuses in increasing a child’s ability to regulate basic functions such as bowel / bladder control, sleep / wake cycle, etc.  At times an underlying reason for toileting difficulties is in proper processing and interpretation of sensory messages. Toilet training success addresses the core of the dysfunction; whether it is sensory, cognitive, emotional, developmental or communicative-related.

Therapeutic Listening Program
The Therapeutic Listening Program (TL) is based on developmental and sensory integration frameworks.  It specifically targets vestibular (sense of balance) and auditory components to increase the child’s ability to organize and integrate sensation for use.  It can positively influence emotional state, level of arousal, and thresholds of attention and perception.  TL aims to improve a child’s ability to successfully respond to environmental demands.  TL is also paired with core strengthening activities to increase coordination via use of rhythm.

Aquatic Therapy
Aquatic therapy can be beneficial for the body via the use of:
Resistance - Allows for improvement in balance and strength in all muscle groups.  On land, resistance is felt in only one direction, which leads to an over development of some muscles and under utilization of others.  The resistance also increases sensory awareness and can decrease sensory hypersensitivities.

Buoyancy - Provides assistance and support.  It is used to decrease gravitational forces placed on weak limbs that are less able to bear weight or to correct abnormal movement patterns. 

Heat - Aquatic therapy is provided in a heated pool, temperatures ranging from 94-96 degrees.  The warm water relaxes muscles and allows for improved joint range of motion and can provide circumferential calming of an over-aroused nervous system.

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